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Alliance for Bonded Term Limits
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Let's Make Short Terms a Long Term Solution

The Alliance for Bonded Term Limits, Inc. (ABTL) seeks to explore and develop a process under which candidates for public office can assure constituents that they will work diligently in the public interest instead of building long careers rife with self-interest. We will provide a vehicle for sincere candidates to demonstrate their commitment to limited tenure in office by voluntarily bonding their term limit promise with personal assets in advance of the election. These bonded assets of substantial worth will be forfeited to charity only if their promise is broken.

A Bond Between Voters and True Democracy

This country does not need a Constitutional Amendment or a Federal Law to bring fresh ideas to Washington; we need dedicated citizens who will travel to Congress with a real commitment to return home after a finite time in office. Our nation needs to return to the citizen legislatures expected by our Founders and retire the career politicians and their patrician lifestyles. Join us and help us make the political class return to the real world to live by the rules they have made for others.